Zen in the Central Valley

Four Zen Buddhist practice places in the Central Valley of California:

All groups offer training and practice opportunities in the Soto Zen tradition and are led by Myoan Grace Schireson, an ordained Zen priest in the Suzuki Roshi lineage. Abbess Schireson’s husband, Rev. Kuzan Peter Schireson, is co-founder and co-leader of Zen Center of Fresno. All groups offer a range of practice opportunities including the following:

  • Regular zazen (sitting meditation), introductory classes, and intensive multi-day retreats
  • One-to-one instruction, group lectures, and individual consultations with a teacher
  • Teaching and practice in the spirit of the Suzuki Roshi lineage
  • Common traditions with Berkeley, San Francisco, Green Gulch, and Tassajara Zen Centers
  • Guidance by ordained Zen priests and experienced lay practitioners
  • Opportunity to affirm one’s faith in the Buddha Way through training and lay ordination

There are also two affiliated groups in California:

Beginner’s Mind Zen Center in Northridge

Mount Diablo Zen Group in Pleasant Hill